Terminal information at Portland Airport - North and South Areas

Portland airport has one passenger terminal with 5 concourses (A, B, C D and E). They are divided in two areas (North and South) and connect to each other through the walkway known as the Concourse Connector. In total, the airport has 60 gates.


South Terminal

- Concourse A: it has 12 gates (A1-A12)

- Concourse B: it has 3 gates (B1-B3)

- Concourse C: it has 23 gates (C1-C23). It has Alaska Airlines Lounge (across from Gate C5).


North Terminal

- Concourse D: it has 15 gates (D1-D15). It has Delta Air Lines Lounge (across from Gate D6).

- Concourse E: it has 7 gates (E1-E7). It has United Airlines Lounge (across from Gate E1).


Both Terminals are connected to each other via the Baggage Claim area and Ticketing.

Every one has its own Check-in security point.


It is planned to extend Concourse E adding 6 more gates. Some airlines are going to be recolocate.